📣 Exclusive TikTok Emojis Revealed: Uncover The App’s ㊙️ Secret Feature

Written by: Ortega
Modified: يونيو 15, 2022

Go on a search for the best apps on your app store and you’ll surely find TikTok in the top spot. With 1 billion monthly active users worldwide, TikTok has grown into a social media giant, leaving most apps in the dust. From its unique culture of creativity to its user-friendly interface, the popular video-sharing app connects with people of all ages in a meaningful way. Interestingly enough, despite its massive popularity, there are a few hidden features users are not aware of — one of them being secret TikTok emojis!

TikTok logo on phone, TikTok on colorful phone background

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If you’re a regular TikTok user, chances are you’ve come across people posting emojis not found on a standard emoji keyboard. This is because TikTok has secret emojis, each of which represents a particular mood or experience. What’s great about this is that, unlike the native system emojis on Android, Microsoft, or iOS, TikTok’s emojis have the same design across all platforms and devices.

In other words, Tiktok emojis look the same, no matter what iOS or Windows device you use. Do take note, though, that these emojis are available only on iOS TikTok and Android apps, but won’t work on a web browser.


TikTok Emojis

It’s actually quite simple to gain access to TikTok’s secret emojis. First, you’ll need a secret code word. The code word you choose should correspond to the feeling you’re trying to convey through the emoji.

Once you have the word, put it in the typing bar between two square brackets. Parentheses or curly brackets won’t do the trick. On most keyboards, these brackets can be found by pressing 123 followed by a specific symbol key such as #+= or =/. The code should convert into an emoji as soon as you input the closing bracket.

In creating TikTok videos, visuals are just as important, in some cases, even more crucial, than sound. No wonder then that even hidden features like secret Tik Tok emojis come in separate styles!

TikTok emojis in rows beside smartphones in rows

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One group consists of 23 round, colorful faces. If you tend to be on the simpler side, when it comes to designing your content, you’ll probably gravitate toward the second group, comprised of white emoji faces with flat tops and rounded bottoms.

As you choose, remember there is no right or wrong answer here. Focus on picking the TikTok emojis that will help you reach your goal. As long as you’ve got that in mind, you’ll never go wrong.



TikTok emojis, angry Tiktok emoji

The Angry TikTok emoji features a red face with an angry look. The face has black eyes, black eyebrows, a black frowning mouth, and black lines that look like the 💢 Anger Symbol emoji on its left side.

The meaning of this emoji is mostly negative. Users share it when they want to convey extreme feelings of rage, annoyance, disapproval, or dislike for something or someone. Or use it to express dissatisfaction over a particular object or person. One example of how to use it is by putting it in the caption of a TikTok video rant about bad customer service you experienced at a restaurant or a news byte about some form of injustice that made you mad.



Smile TikTok emoji, TikTok emojis

This picture of a robust, pink emoji is enough to make anyone smile! It’s mostly light pink, with round black eyes and a cute, also black, smile.

The emoji conveys a pleasant, caring, and content sentiment. Use it to show your followers on TikTok that you’re having a nice day, and you hope that they have one, too! You can also use it to spread a little cheer by sharing it in the comments section of other people’s TikTok videos.



Emoji Happy Tiktok emoji, TikTok emojis

The Happy TikTok emoji is cuteness personified! It has a huge, bright smile, scrunched, squinted, closed eyes, and two rosy cheeks. It looks like it’s in an uncontrollable fit of laughter, and doesn’t want to stop.

Out of all the Tiktok emojis, this is definitely the happiest! Send this emoji as a written response to a funny video on TikTok, anything humorous that makes your face quiver with the most ridiculous laugh. This is probably the TikTok version of the 😆 Grinning Squinting Face emoji.

In a playful mood? Then this is also the perfect TikTok emoji for you. Share a joke or prank you found online, post it on TikTok, and include the Happy TikTok in the caption!



Emoji Cry, TikTok emojis

Express your sad feelings with the Cry TikTok emoji! This emoji is blue, with black eyebrows, and a black mouth. It has a melancholy expression on its face. The emoji’s mouth is openly wailing, and there are tears in the form of white rays streaming down from its closed eyelids.

The Cry TikTok emoji is often used to express deep sorrow and unceasing anguish. It’s appropriate for any uncomfortable, painful, or agonizing circumstance. For instance, you can use it in the caption of a TikTok tribute video to celebrate the life of a loved one that’s passed on.



Emoji Embarassed, TikTok emojis, secret Tiktok emojis

Display shame and uneasiness in a cute kind of way, by sharing TikTok’s embarrassed emoji. This emoji shows a blue-green face, with a white tear on its left side, and a worried expression on its face. Its eyebrows, eyes, and mouth are at the lower end of its face.

If this emoji could talk, it would probably say, “You’re making me embarrassed,” or “you’re putting the spotlight on me.” In general, use this Embarrassed TikTok emoji to express shame or discomfort caused by something or someone.

If you just did something that would invariably lead to an uncomfortable or unfavorable scenario, use it as a way of saying, “why am I this way?” For instance, you could have tagged the wrong person on a TikTok video, or reacted to a video on TikTok that turned out to be fake news and got called out for it.



Surprised TikTok emoji, TikTok emojis

Share this emoji on all your TikTok content to show how surprised you are! This emoji is mostly pink, with black eyes, black eyebrows, and an oval mouth. Its eyes are so open, you can even see its pupils! The raised eyebrows and wide-open mouth add to its astonished expression.

When TikTok users share this emoji, it’s a reaction to something surprising they just saw, it could be a plot twist to a movie they’re making a review of, or something as brutal as a real-life drowning video that suddenly appeared on their feed. It is also a form of warning that the video or image loaded on the TikTok account this emoji appears in, might be way too shocking for some TikTokers. If that’s the case, viewer discretion is advised.



Wronged TikTok emoji

Ever been so embarrassed you want to hide your face in a corner? That’s what this emoji implies. It features a humiliated yellow face looking at the ground. Its hands are also yellow but of a lighter shade. The hands are covering its mouth.

Said something you immediately would like to take back? Or played a prank on TikTok that went horribly wrong? This emoji tells your followers you’d rather have the Earth swallow you up whole than face up to your actions. It represents a feeling of utter helplessness, a strong sense of being highly uneasy.



TikTok Shout emoji, Shout secret Tiktok emoji

“You better hear me because my fangs are coming out” — is what this emoji is trying to say. Imagine a vampire shouting and showing its fangs trying to be heard; what a creepy thought, right? The Shout emoji personifies that. It shows a purple face, white fangs, a wide-open black mouth, and black eyes in the shape of two half-moons.

People use this emoji to show they’re fed up with what is happening, so fed up they’re ready to bite, roar, and shout their lungs out! Share it while making a statement or speaking out for a cause in your TikTok video. If you’re in the mood, use it to trash talk, too.



Yummy Secret Tiktok emoji, tiktok emoji

The Yummy TikTok emoji features an expression most of us have after finishing a great meal. This emoji has a wide smile on its face, licking its lips in contentment while flashing a thumbs-up sign. Design-wise, the Yummy TikTok emoji is mostly pink; the parts that aren’t pink are its eyes and mouth, which are both black, and its tongue, which is red.

Since it is used to convey a sense of delectability in any food-related situation, include it at the end of a restaurant review or any type of food trip. Another way to use it would be an emoji response to an amazing image or video you may see on TikTok.



Complacent Secret TikTok emoji

Use the Complacent TikTok emoji to call out someone who is too proud and lazy to lift a finger. This emoji displays a cartoon-style image of a bright blue emoji. The emoji has a smug, sly, slightly mischievous facial expression. The Complacent TikTok emoji is blue; only its eyebrows, smile, and sunglasses are black.

The Complacent TikTok emoji is probably one of the most dangerous hidden TikTok emojis out there, mostly because being complacent isn’t really a good thing. When you’re complacent, you’re satisfied with current circumstances and indifferent about changing them; indifferent to the point of arrogance, most of the time. On TikTok, you may use the Complacent emoji to describe people so proud of their achievements they don’t want to move a muscle or learn anything else.



Drool Tiktok emoji, Drool emoji on TikTok

The tagline of this emoji would probably be when something’s so appealing, it makes you giddy and drives you to drool!

As seen from above, the Drool hidden TikTok emoji is a combination of two traditional emojis, the 🤤 Drooling Face emoji and the 😍 Smiling Face With Heart Eyes emoji. Its background is light pink and has red hearts for eyes, along with a white mouth with a bit of drool coming out of it.

Use the Drool TikTok emoji to express a desire for a person or type of food. Include it in the caption of your TikTok “story time” video about your crush with a sexy physique, or an intense craving you have for a particular food.



Scream TikTok emoji, screaming emoji

The Scream TikTok emoji closely resembles the subject in “The Scream,” an iconic piece of artwork created by Edvard Munch, a Norweigan artist. Like the image in the painting, the face in the Scream emoji has its hands pressed on its cheeks.

It is also similar in design to the standard 😱 Face Screaming In Fear emoji. What makes it different would be its overall color. The Scream TikTok emoji is blue, with a pair of white, hollow eyes, while the Face Screaming in Fear is a combination of blue and yellow.

Use this emoji as a reaction to spooky stories appearing on your TikTok feed. You can also place it at the end of the subtitles of a TikTok horror story you’re narrating.

If this emoji could talk, it would probably say, “OMG,” or “whoa.” In general, the Scream TikTok emoji stands for paranoia, fear, and restlessness. Seen something truly terrifying? Use the emoji to react to it. This applies to both positive and negative situations, as well. Witnessed, read, or watched something truly incredible but not necessarily scary? You know what to do!



Weeping Secret TikTok emoji, Weeping emoji

While the Cry TikTok emoji shows a face loudly crying or bawling, the Weeping Tiktok emoji represents a “sit in a corner quietly weeping” type of moment. Less noise but still intense!

The face in the Weeping Tiktok emoji is blue, with black lines for eyebrows, and an upside-down “v” for a mouth. A solitary white tear is falling out of its eye.

The meaning of this is quite obvious, actually. It refers to being really upset and displeased with something, as well as crying out of sadness or pain. Share the emoji in the subtitle or caption of a TikTok video you made about something extremely sad you read about. If you’re an environmentalist, it could be about global warming. Or if you’re into entertainment, it could be about your favorite actor losing at the Oscars.



Speechless TikTok emoji, TikTok emoji

This emoji can’t talk or won’t talk, so it will let the smirk on its face say what it wants to say! The Speechless TikTok emoji is green and is smiling in an irritatingly conceited and smug way. It shows a pair of eyes looking to the side, while the emoji’s mouth is half-raised in a smirk. On the right side of the face is a white droplet of sweat.

This emoji can be best used when you’ve said your peace, through a TikTok video you made, but someone is taunting you to say more. The video could be about a controversial issue that’s made you mad, or about a mistake you made being amplified by bashers.

In addition, when someone is acting a lot more innocent than they really are, send the Speechless TikTok emoji to subtly say, “I am on to you.”



Funny Face TikTok emoji, emoji with tongue hanging out

Get a little bit silly with the Funny Face TikTok emoji! This emoji shows a pink face, with a winking eye, and a red tongue. It is commonly used to make fun of something or someone or to express a hilarious, joking meaning.

Use it to respond to something hilarious someone sent you on TikTok. In a goofy or playful mood? Post the emoji to subtly tell your followers that you are on the prowl and that they better be ready for some teasing and pranks very soon!



Laugh With Tears secret TikTok emoji, Laugh With Tears Hidden TikTok emoji

Show you’re laughing so hard, tears are streaming down your face! This emoji is one that actually really needs no introduction since it’s basically a TikTok version of the popular 😂 Face With Tears Of Joy emoji. What makes this one different is its color; the face depicted here is pink, and its mouth is black.

Since the Laugh With Tears TikTok emoji is generally a TikTok counterpart of the Face With Tears Of Joy emoji, it follows that it is used in much the same way — to react to something funny or to simply unabashedly laugh out loud. The Laugh With Tears TikTok emoji can also be used to diffuse an awkward situation or to laugh off a mistake.



Wicked Secret Tiktok emoji

Get a bit naughty with the Wicked TikTok emoji! This emoji depicts a purple face with pointy devil horns, and a mean side smirk. Its eyes and mouth are black.

No doubt, the Wicked emoji looks awfully familiar to regular emoji users. If you belong to that group, and you’re telling yourself, “I’ve seen this before,” you’re not wrong. This emoji looks so much like the 😈 Smiling Face With Horns emoji; you might mistake them for one another.

One thing that should be pointed out is that what makes the Wicked TikTok emoji different from the Smiling Face With Horns emoji is its smile. The Wicked emoji’s smile is lopsided, not to mention its eyes are wider.

On TikTok, use the Wicked emoji to tell your followers you’re up to some mischief. You can also incorporate it in your TikTok PMs, put it at the end of an evil plan you’ve plotted, and now sharing with your friends.



Face With Rolling Eyes secret TikTok emoji

Give voice to your sarcastic side with the Face With Rolling Eyes TikTok emoji. This emoji depicts an “in real life” eye roll, complete with eyes looking up, and a bemused expression on its face. It is the pink version of the traditional 🙄 Face With Rolling Eyes emoji, but with a smaller mouth and pink background.

Use it to show impatience, disdain, annoyance, or disbelief in whatever situation. While going live on TikTok, use the Face With Rolling Eyes emoji to respond to followers that keep on asking questions you don’t want to answer. If you’re getting a lot of unneeded and uncalled-for advice on a TikTok video you just made, send this emoji to tell people off.



Sulk emoji, Sulk secret TikTok emoji

Show you’re disappointed and want to be left alone by sending the Sulk TikTok emoji. This emoji features a red cartoon face with black half-circles for eyes and squiggly lines on its forehead. The face has a curved black line for a mouth.

Disappointment, anguish, tension, regret, and guilt are some of the negative emotions the Sulk emoji conveys. Having a bad day? The kind of day where everything goes wrong? Make a TikTok video about it and include the Sulk emoji in the caption. This emoji can also be a reaction to something you’re looking forward to that suddenly got canceled, such as a concert or sports game.



Thinking emoji secret TikTok emoji, Hidden TikTok emoji

Show yourself or someone else lost in deep thought with the Thinking TikTok emoji. This emoji shows a person is thinking about someone or something. For instance, he or she could be wondering if a statement is true, if someone meant what they said, or more.

From top to bottom, the Tiktok version of the Thinking emoji is a dead ringer doppelganger of the usual 🤔 Thinking Face emoji — from its yellow face, beady black eyes and mouth, to the index finger resting on its chin.

Generally, the Thinking emoji shows someone thinking profoundly. If someone sent you some food for thought via a TikTok video comment or PM, send this emoji to show what he or she said prompting you to reflect on things.

It’s also typically used to express a level of doubt. For instance, if you feel like someone is pretending to be someone else, send the Thinking emoji to share your suspicions.



tiktok lovely emoji

Give your loved ones a kiss via the Lovely TikTok emoji! This emoji features a pink face with a pair of lips puckered up and ready for kissing, and two red circles, under a pair of scrunched-up eyes.

Generally used to show affection, warmth, and love, it’s often paired with a good morning, good night, or goodbye message. When a TikTok follower sends you a virtual gift, share this emoji to show your gratitude for what they sent. While talking about your crush, in a TikTok video you made, you can include the emoji at the end of your caption. Who knows, they might even respond to your sweet gesture!



Greedy emoji, Greedy secret TikTok emoji

It’s all about the money, money, money, with the Greedy TikTok emoji! This emoji shows a light pink face, with dollar signs for eyes and a wide, toothy grin. In case you haven’t noticed, TikTok’s secret Greedy emoji closely resembles the traditional 🤑 Money-Mouth Face emoji used on most platforms.

Upon taking a closer look, it’s pretty evident what makes the Greedy TikTok emoji different is its primary color. It is pink, instead of yellow. To add to that, the Greedy TikTok emoji has a pair of white teeth while the money-mouth face emoji doesn’t show any teeth, and has a green banknote for a tongue.

Use the Greedy TikTok emoji to communicate views about money, wealth, saving, banking, and other related financial matters. On TikTok, a great way to use it is to include it in videos about making money, or wisely spending money.



tiktok wow emoji

Kicking off the second style of TikTok emojis is the Wow emoji. This emoji shows a face with a round open mouth, a pair of surprised eyes, and two rosy cheeks under its eyes.

The expression on its face readily conveys the meaning of this emoji. As you might have guessed, (it’s pretty obvious anyway), the Wow TikTok emoji refers to a feeling of surprise or shock in response to an incident. From time to time, the Wow emoji conveys sentiments of astonishment or disbelief, but in a fairly more toned-down manner than other surprised emojis like the Scream TikTok emoji.



joyful tiktok emoji

Spread good vibes with the Joyful TikTok emoji! This emoji shows a happy, smiling face with an open mouth smile, white teeth, and rosy cheeks. Use it the same way as other laughing and smiling emojis to express appreciation, delight, friendship, laughter, and so on. When something nice happens to you, you passed your exams, or you got engaged or promoted at work, include this emoji at the end of your TikTok video featuring your good news. This is one way to encourage your followers to join in the moment of your happiness.



Hehe hudden TikTok emoji, Tiktok emojis

Let out a sneaky, snarky laugh, and get a little naughty with the Hehe Tiktok emoji. This emoji boasts of a cocky smile, with eyes looking to the side. Design-wise, the emoji is black and white, except for a pink part under the eyes to represent its cheeks.

Use it to laugh sneakily or creepily at someone or something. If you caught someone doing something they said they’d never do, after calling them out, send the emoji to show you’re “sort of” teasing. When a follower shares a mean but really funny comment on a TikTok vid and then tags you, show you agree by sending him or her the Hehe TikTok emoji.



Tears secret TikTok emoji, Tears hidden TikTok emoji

Cry your heart out with the Tears TikTok emoji! This emoji features a worried face with a pink nose, and blue tears flowing down its cheeks.

This emoji is similar in meaning to the Cry TikTok emoji seen above. It’s often used to convey extreme, uncontrollable sadness, pain, disappointment, and hurt.

Put it in the caption or subtitle of a TikTok post to show your followers and friends how upset you are; so upset you are crying uncontrollably and losing your cool.



Stun secret TikTok emoji, Stun hidden TikTok emoji

When you’re shocked beyond words, let the Stun TikTok emoji do the talking. This emoji stands out from the rest because of its different design. It has a gray complexion, uneven oval eyes, inverted, v-shaped mouth, with a blue droplet falling from its forehead.

The intended meaning of this particular emoji is to convey disbelief, surprise, or shock. On TikTok, use it to react to unexpected information you received, or a shocking video sent to you. If you’re making a video about something that surprised you, put this emoji in the caption or subtitle.



Cute TikTok emoji, Cute secret TikTok emoji

If you’re looking to brighten your followers’ day, this adorable emoji is just what you need! The Cute TikTok emoji’s cute, puppy dog eyes, pink cheeks, and pleading expression is sure to elicit more than a few “aww” expressions from your TikTok friends.

Use it to ask a favor from someone in a cutesy way. You don’t want to look too demanding so you put it at the end of your message to soften the mood. Also include the Cute Tiktok emoji in the caption of an absolutely adorable video, too. In a “feeling cute and won’t delete later” type of mood? Don’t be afraid to show it! Insert this emoji in your captions, pictures, or videos! Nothing wrong with a little self-love from time to time!



Blink TikTok emoji, TikTok emojis

Get a little playful with the Blink TikTok emoji! This emoji is a great go-to emoji to flirt with someone. One eye is winking, and a red heart on the upper left part of its face. An open mouth adds to the general lighthearted, affectionate vibe.

Use it as a response to your crush’s latest’ TikTok video. Include it in a conversation with your TikTok friends and followers if there’s a side to an issue you and one member are privy too, but you don’t want the rest of the group to know about.

Searching for a date on TikTok? Create a post and make sure the Blink TikTok emoji is in there!



disdain tiktok emoji

Can’t stand someone or something, but don’t know how to show it? Use the Disdain TikTok emoji to let your followers know how you truly feel. This emoji may make you come on too strong, but if you really want to be honest and authentic, just go ahead and send it!

If you did not like something or a certain someone that appeared on your TikTok feed, use the Disdain emoji to reveal your aversion to it. When your friends start to discuss or plan something you will never do, and they suddenly ask for your opinion, send the Disdain emoji along with a quick explanation.



Astonish TikTok emoji, Astonish hidden TikTok emoji

While the first style of TikTok emojis focused on various colors and cute expressions, the second style of TikTok emojis contained a few mixed meanings. One such example would be the Astonished TikTok emoji. Based on the design of the emoji, it conveys surprise and rage. There’s a grumpy expression on its face, complete with deep, furrowed brows, and a scarily angry pair of eyes.

Use the Astonished emoji to express your surprise at something mind-blowingly bad or horrifying you just saw. You can also use it to comment on a random TikTok video you saw that both shocked and angered you. When reacting to unexpected situations in interactions with your friends and peers, you may use the Astonished TikTok emoji, too.



Rage secret TikTok emoji, Rage hidden TikTok emoji

Angry and can’t really hide it anymore? Don’t let it eat you up inside; get what you’re feeling off your chest, by sending or sharing the Rage TikTok emoji. This symbol has clearly lost its temper and isn’t afraid to show it. Its face is red with anger and it has a pair of eerie glowing yellow eyes.

The Rage TikTok emoji implies angry frustration most of the time. TikTok users often share it to react to an irritating, upsetting, or annoying event, person, or bit of news. While telling someone about an angry conversation you had with another person, to add a bit of drama to the chat, include this emoji.



cool tiktok emoji

Send or share the Cool TikTok emoji to welcome good vibes into your space! This emoji depicts a smiling face wearing a pair of black sunglasses. The face has a wide-open mouth and a complete set of teeth.

Emoji lovers or regular emoji users no doubt notice the similarity between this emoji and the standard 😎 Smiling Face With Sunglasses emoji. They’re both wearing sunglasses and both exude a cool and confident vibe.

If one were to look closely at both of them, what makes them different would be that the Cool TikTok emoji flashes a mischievous grin, which gives him a more badass vibe. With that in mind, on TikTok, use the Cool emoji to brag about some cool stuff you’ve done, like finally conquering a childhood fear or flying to a dream destination. You can also use it to comment on a buddy’s TikTok post, to show support for the steps he or she is making to live their life to the fullest.



Excited secret TikTok emoji, Hidden TikTok emoji

This emoji is almost self-explanatory. The face depicted here is so adorably excited, like a kid at a candy store. From its scrunched-up eyes in a sideward V sort of shape (a popular expression of happiness) to its broad, open smile, you can almost feel its laughter!

In general, this emoji represents surprise, enthusiasm, playfulness, and excitement. On TikTok, send it as a reaction to something happy and exciting you saw. It could be a promotion you got at work, or your favorite sports team winning the finals after a long time.

You can also use it to induce excitement in a TikTok thread or group chat. What could be the source of excitement is entirely up to you; and what your friends are into, it could be an upcoming trip, a ladies’ night out, or something else.



Proud secret Tiktok emoji, Hidden TikTok emoji

Celebrate your accomplishments and the success of others with the Proud TikTok emoji! This emoji is purely in black and white; there are no other colors on it. The expression on its face spells it all; it is proud of what it’s done and is not afraid to show it-from its cheeky, lopsided grin to its playfully naughty eyes.

The Proud TikTok emoji represents being confident in one’s own or other people’s abilities. It is used to evoke a sense of fulfillment and joy. You’ll often see it in TikTok captions or live events to promote things, causes, events, or individuals that make users proud. Use it in conversations with people close to your heart, to tell them how proud you are of them.



Nap secret TikTok emoji, Nap hidden TikTok emoji

Send the Nap TikTok emoji to show you’ve got to get a little shut-eye! This emoji is somewhat of a variation of the standard 😪 Sleepy Face emoji because it has a snot bubble coming out of its nose, and a sleepy expression on its face. It suggests sleepiness and is most often used to show someone is falling asleep or is about to go to sleep.

Use this emoji to say good night in a sweet way to your TikToker followers and friends. If you’ve had a long day and you’re tired as heck, send this emoji to inform your friends you might fall asleep anytime. The Nap TikTok emoji can also be used while sending a photo or video of someone deeply sleeping, whether as a prank or for more serious purposes.



Slap secret Tiktok emoji, Hidden Tiktok emoji

When you made a mistake and you’ve only got yourself to blame, show how sorry you are by sharing the Slap TikTok emoji. This emoji features a face with a painful expression because it just slapped itself. Its got X-shaped eyes, brows furrowed in pain, and a hand on its left side, red from all the slapping.

If the Nap emoji is the TikTok version of the sleepy face emoji, the Slap emoji seems to be the counterpart of the standard 🤦 Person Facepalming emoji. It is easy to see the similarity; they’re both lashing out, pressing their palms on their face as a display of frustration, embarrassment, and disbelief.

Here is yet another similarity — like the person facepalming emoji, the Slap TikTok emoji can also be used to indicate frustration or shame at the incompetence of another person. Use the Slap emoji on TikTok to lighten the mood after making a mistake, such as uploading the wrong video, or making a typo.



Smile Face Tiktok emoji, Smile Face secret TikTok emoji

End your captions, subtitles, and messages on a pleasant note with the Smile Face TikTok emoji. This emoji features a straightforward, smiling face with two rosy cheeks and a pair of bright, smiling eyes.

Use the Smile Face TikTok emoji to convey a happy, relaxed mood. When receiving a compliment, the Smile Face combined with a sincere” thank you” would be the perfect response.



Evil secret Tiktok emoji, hidden TikTok emoji

Send the Evil TikTok emoji to tell the world that you’re tired of being nice! This emoji really looks like it’s up to no good, with its fangs, mean grin, scrunched eyebrows, and glaring eyes. It’s mostly used to express sudden outbursts of anger, rage, and frustration.

This emoji can be used to react to bad news or cruel clips on your TikTok feed. You can also use it to reply to your bashers to give emphasis to the irritation you feel toward a person. If you were attempting to pull a prank on TikTok, but some other person spoiled it, send the Evil emoji to show you’re pissed off.



Angel secret Tiktok emoji, hidden TikTok emoji

Use the Angel TikTok emoji to tell everyone you’ll always be on your best behavior! The Angel TikTok emoji depicts a smiling happy face with a golden halo above it. It’s typically used to demonstrate goodness, innocence, and righteousness.

Include it in your TikTok messages, videos, or comments to convey a positive, spiritual feeling. You may also use it to describe people who’ve been “angels” in your life; who’ve always stood by your side through the good and the bad.



Laugh Tiktok emoji, Laugh secret TikTok emoji

Send the Laugh Tiktok emoji to show you’re laughing so hard that you’re crying! Moments as fun as these should definitely be shared! This emoji is a smiling, squinting face, with teardrops running out of each eye. It is similar in design and meaning to the popular 😂 Face With Tears Of Joy emoji, which has been shared over a million times on social media.

When someone says or does something hilarious or embarrassing on TikTok, this emoji can be used to show delight and amusement. Made a mistake on TikTok and wished the Earth would swallow you up? Use this emoji to relieve the awkward situation by laughing it off, and laughing at yourself.



pride tiktok emoji

Show you’re no pushover; make the first step with the Pride TikTok emoji. This emoji isn’t too friendly, as seen by its smug, haughty expression and tightly pursed lips. If its eyes could move, it would probably be to examine someone from head to toe as though trying to form a judgment about them.

When someone throws a mean comment at you on TikTok, use the Pride emoji to show you are not saying anything, because they are not worth your time. It may also be used to reluctantly or begrudgingly tell someone they’re right and you are wrong.



Love Face TikTok emoji, secret Tiktok emoji

Use the Love Face TikTok emoji to express how it feels to be head over heels in love! This emoji shows a smiling face with red hearts for eyes. In general, it’s used to indicate being completely in love with someone, or something.

On TikTok, use the emoji while talking about something you can’t get enough of; it could be a favorite celebrity, dish, or sports team. When a follower sends you something really adorable, like a cute baby animals compilation, or a couple of babies laughing in unison, type in this emoji to share how you feel.



Awkward Tiktok emoji, secret TikTok emoji

Make embarrassing situations less icky to deal with by including the Awkward TikTok emoji in your caption, post, or text. No one likes to be embarrassed, and hardly anyone wants to admit they are feeling that way. The Awkward TikTok emoji allows you to express yourself in a unique but safe way. If this emoji could talk, it would probably say, “this is making me blush or shy!”

Send this emoji as a gesture of discomfort when someone brings up an uncomfortable topic in the comments section of your TikTik video. You may also use the Awkward emoji to signify you’re not comfortable answering a question after someone asked you something embarrassing via a comment, TikTok live stream message, or text.



Shock TikTok emoji, Shock secret TikTok emoji

Last but not the least, ending the list with a big bang is the Shock TikTok emoji. Even though it is officially named Shock emoji, based on its design, it seems to convey a sense of surprise and anger. This emoji shows a blue and white cartoon image with a furious expression on its face. Its eyebrows are curling downward and its got patches of blue on its face.

If someone has just said something that has made your blood boil, use this emoji to share how you feel. Read a surprising piece of news that really got you irritated? Include the Shock TikTok emoji in your reaction video about it.


Popular Emojis on TikTok

Content creators dancing in Venice beach

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No matter where they’re based, or the type of content they share, TikTok users all over want the same thing— to gain followers and to have millions and millions of followers! But to do that, they need to have trendy content, and they need to be consistent. Many times, expect to be left to your own devices, as well.

Take secret TikTok emojis. The people behind the app never officially shared why they decided to include this feature, and never provided an official guide. This further highlights the importance of emojis interpretation articles for users to be in the know.

On that note, to further illustrate this insight, check out a few popular TikTok emojis we’ve rounded up. Some of these aren’t secret; you’ve probably seen some already. Whether they’re hidden or not, be sure to include some of these to make your content lit!


Chair Emoji

chair emoji

Only in the TikTok world can one emoji suddenly have a totally different meaning than what it was intended to be. This is thanks to one random suggestion from a user. This is what happened to the 🪑 Chair emoji. Last September 2021, users suddenly began filling the app’s comment section with Chair emojis, causing widespread confusion.

TikTok user Antony Mai, aka @blank.antho, later admitted he jokingly dared his followers in a video to replace the laughing emoji with a chair. The video of him daring his followers received more than a million views!

It became so hugely viral that TikTok made its own TikTok video about, it with Miley Cyrus’ hit “Twinkle Song,” playing in the background. The video was posted on the social network on September 19 and has already received half a million views.

In an unexpected turn of events, TikTok users gave the Chair emoji another, dirtier meaning. Believe it or not, when a user sends you the Chair emoji, he or she is asking you to “sit on their face.” What’s the connection between the two? Apparently more and more people are talking about face-sitting on the app, so to have an emoji to represent that, is actually a natural progression of things.


Sparkles Emoji

Sparkles emoji, Apple version of the Sparkles emoji

The ✨ Sparkles emoji has been around for quite some time, and like other emojis, can be used in different ways. Most of the time, sparkles are used to symbolize stars in the sky. Otherwise, it is used to represent shiny items like jewelry or glitter makeup.

On TikTok, it’s become a popular way to express excitement. In certain instances, others use it to add emphasis to a particular word or phrase. For instance, if someone wants to give special importance to the brand of lipstick they’re wearing, they’ll type ✨Maybelline✨ or ✨Revlon✨ on their TikTok video.


Clown Face Emoji

Clown emoji, Apple version of the Clown emoji

This one’s kind of harsh. When the 🤡 Clown Face emoji first arrived on the scene in 2016, it was used to signify that something is funny. On TikTok, the meaning’s evolved to describe someone dumb, selfish, or altogether behaving in an idiotic way. This new meaning might possibly have been inspired by TikTok’s “Becoming A Clown Because People Keep Clowning Me,” viral challenge. In this challenge, people put on clown makeup while sharing self-deprecating stories.


Birthday Cake Emoji

Birthday Cake emoji, Apple version of the Birthday Cake emoji

Everyone loves receiving cake on your birthday, but if someone sends you this 🎂 Birthday Cake emoji and it’s not your birthday, they’re probably talking about your butt, and actually complimenting your butt!

Think of it as another version of the 🍑 Peach emoji, which is also used by netizens to signify the buttocks. How were the two brought together? The new meaning of birthday cake was most likely influenced by TikTok’s viral cake check challenge video which featured people rolling barbells over their butts to flex or just show how big their butts are.


Skull Emoji

Skull emoji, Apple version of the Skull emoji

This one isn’t too far from its actual meaning. On TikTok, the 💀 Skull emoji means “I’m dead” — dead, not in a morbid way but more of dead in a self-deprecatingly, “I am overreacting,” humorous way. When the skull emoji was introduced in 2010, it was first used to describe creepy things or to warn people of oncoming danger.


Lurking Emoji

eye emojimouth emojieye emoji

This one’s for all the invested lurkers; the gossipers that want to know everything, but don’t want to be too involved. Sending this TikTok combination sends out the message that the user is observing, is invested, but will not get involved, or take sides in the issue.


Person Standing Emoji

person standing emoji

The TikTok meaning of the 🧍 Person Standing emoji comes close to its standard meaning; to show the full body of a gender-neutral person. When this emoji appears on TikTok, the user that sent it is telling everyone that he or she is standing, but is standing awkwardly.

But why? It could be because they’re waiting for something, not sure what to do next, or are simply absolutely clueless about something they watched. TikTok’s version of the Person Standing emoji is frequently used to imitate passers-by in a video, as well.


Bashful Emoji

pleading face emojiBackhand index pointing right emojiBackhand index pointing left emoji

On TikTok, this is used when one’s been treated unjustly. It started as a secret TikTok combination, and eventually increased in popularity. To make this appear, just type the shortcode [wronged].


How To Add TikTok Emojis To Comments And Videos

While describing all the hidden or secret TikTok emojis, we also made it a point to talk about some of the best ways to apply them. Whether to include them in the caption of a TikTok video, to react to a fellow TikTok user, etc.

If you’re new to the app, all the instructions regarding TikTok emojis can seem a bit confusing at the beginning as we get to know this new feature. Don’t you worry, we get it. So, in order to help you out, we produced a step-step guide on adding secret TikTok emojis to comments and videos:

1. Open the video you want to comment on, in either the subscriptions or recommendations sections.

2. Click on the comments on the right.

3. Type in the shortcode of the emoji you want to include in the comment. For example, if you want to post a laughing emoticon, just enter [laugh], which is the shortcode for laugh.

4. Click the plane icon to send the comment. Done!

It does take a bit more effort, having to type in the brackets the shortcode of the emoji you’d like to use. But, if you want to stand out from the crowd, it’ll definitely be well worth the effort. Not many users know about these secret TikTok emojis, which means you’ll pull viewers in, for sure!


TikTok Emoji Combinations

Guy recording himself on his phone with the phone standing on a tripod, man with bunny ears headband recording himself on his phone

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If you’re on TikTok a lot, you’ve probably noticed how TikTokers have been stretching their emoji muscles quite a bit. Creative users start mixing and matching TikTok emojis to make fun, new meanings. From the 🙄 Face With Rolling Eyes emoji sandwiched between two fingers in its ears to symbolize “I’m not listening,” to the 🍿 Popcorn emoji, 🫳 Palm Down Hand emoji, and 🤯 Exploding Head emoji for when drama is going down, it’s plain to see that the possibilities are endless — and people are having a blast with their creations.

Kid dancing in front of ring light in her bedroom, kid recording herself with her phone

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If you’d like to join in the fun, here are a few samples for you to use. Once you’re done with these, feel free to come up with some of your own! For the phrases with the smileys, you can interchange them with one or more of the secret Tiktok emojis described above. Just follow the usual process with the shortcode to make them appear and you are good!

😎🤏😳🕶🤏 – What did I just see?

😏🤝🙄 – Okay, I guess

🙄🤚 – Whatever, anyways

☕️👌 – Sipping and enjoying tea (could be gossip or actual tea)

😃👉🚪 – You may leave now

👉🙄👈 – Not listening to what you are saying

😐😑😐 – Blinking slowly

😯☝️😐✊ – Nevermind

🏃‍♂️🛏️ – Going to sleep



Hand touching phone with emojis jumping out, emojis jumping out of phone

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TikTok is not the only app to release custom emojis. Most social media sites have their own codes and ways and means of accessing them. This should not be an issue, though. These unique features add color and diversity to the digital world, and they help netizens express themselves more clearly.

However, if you were to compare what they offer, and the current TikTok emojis, put them side by side. In terms of color and creativity style, it’s pretty obvious that TikTok has some of the more creative options.

Don’t run away with creativity without taking into account the broader context, though. The TikTok emojis you include should always be relevant to your overall message as well. And don’t forget to make sure you know what emoji means. If you’ve got doubts, there are plenty of resources to help you double-check. Using the wrong emoji isn’t only embarrassing; it could offend some people. You, of course, don’t want that to happen!