🍂 Fall Emojis: Feast Your Eyes With the Colors of Autumn

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Modified: ديسمبر 15, 2021

Once September starts, we mostly encounter the different fall emojis in messages and social media posts. We commonly use the 🍂 Fallen Leaf emoji to symbolize the changing of seasons. Most people love expressing their excitement over autumn due to the many holidays tied to the season. Because of this, emojis associated with the beloved season usually pop up everywhere. Fall emojis usually appear in the sequence of events starting from the leaves and ending with the 🦃 Turkey emoji. This usually occurs in the USA since most Americans prepare for Thanksgiving.

Other countries celebrate their respective traditions during autumn. In Asia, various nations celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival which some people know as the Moon Festival or the Mooncake Festival. Because of this, we usually see icons like the 🥮 Mooncake emoji and the 🏮 Red Paper Lantern emoji online. Meanwhile, food lovers love posting about the 🍊 Tangerine emoji and the 🌰 Chestnut emoji during fall. All these emojis step into the spotlight once autumn starts. Continue reading on to learn the representation behind the beloved Fall Emojis. You may also use all mentioned emojis in composing a combination representing the beloved season.


Colors of Autumn: The Seasonal Love for Fall Emojis

Colorful Leaves, Fall Leaves

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The annual fame of fall emojis proves the importance of several autumn holidays and events. Despite any distance, you can always turn to a wide array of emojis to stay connected with your loved ones. This especially applies to families struggling to reunite due to COVID-19 protocols. However, several nations started to go back to normal thanks to the improvements of restrictions and the rolling out of vaccinations. Unfortunately, not everyone can travel to their hometowns or native countries due to the additional costs of existing travel constraints.

To make up for distances, we use different fall emojis to greet and connect with our loved ones and culture. We compiled the different autumn emojis we see almost every time the season starts. Some represent certain occasions while others can be used throughout the season. To avoid any confusion, we described each emoji’s use and symbolism. With this, you’ll be more aware of the different events that other cultures commemorate in autumn. Plus, get to know the details and meaning behind the icons you can use for the whole season.


Colorful Fall Leaf Emojis: 🍂 Fallen Leaf Emoji, 🍃 Leaf Fluttering in the Wind Emoji, and 🍁 Maple Leaf Emoji

Fallen Leaf Emoji, Fall EmojisLeaf Fluttering in the Wind Emoji, Green Leaves EmojiMaple Leaf Emoji, Fall Emojis

All the available leaves in our emoji keyboards play important roles in autumn. Some use two or all three types in autumn-related emoji combinations. We usually encounter the set that plays out like a story beginning with the 🌳 Deciduous Tree emoji. The 🍂 Fallen Leaf emoji hails as the most commonly used fall icon among all emojis from our list. Once you see it on messages or social media posts, you just know that people started to commemorate the beloved season.

Like most fall emojis, the 🍂 Fallen Leaf emoji appears differently on all platforms. The most common feature lies in the leaves’ color but differs in the design and number used. You can easily recognize it thanks to its brown, yellow, and red shades. Meanwhile, the 🍃 Leaf Fluttering in the Wind emoji servers as the green counterpart of the colorful fallen leaves. It’s meant to represent leaves that got swept away by the breeze. On most platforms, it appears with one or two green leaves.

Once you spot the 🍁 Maple Leaf emoji, you immediately think of its relevance in Canada. In truth, it serves as the country’s emblem and you spot it on their flag. However, we also see this colorful leaf icon during autumn. Like most of its kind, maple leaves change color as the season changes. Because of this, we commonly spot it along with other leaf emoji used in the beloved season. You can find its most detailed depictions in Apple and WhatsApp emoji keyboards.


Mid-Autumn Festival Emojis: 🎑 Moon Viewing Ceremony Emoji, 🥮 Moon Cake Emoji, and 🏮 Red Paper Lantern Emoji

Moon Viewing Ceremony Emoji, Tsumiki EmojiMoon Cake Emoji, Mooncake EmojiRed Paper Lantern Emoji, Red Lantern Emoji

Some of the most unfamiliar icons that gain popularity in autumn include the 🎑 Moon Viewing emoji, the 🥮 Moon Cake emoji, and the 🏮 Red Paper Lantern emoji. The symbols they represent appear in the said season due to their relevance at that time of the year. Almost every country in Asia that follows the Lunar calendar prepares a week-long celebration.

You may be familiar with the appearance of the 🏮 Red Paper Lantern emoji. This comes from the fact that it holds a special role in almost every festival and event celebrated in Asia. In most Asian cultures, the color red symbolizes fame, wealth, and prosperity. All platforms offer a unique rendition of the rounded lantern. Some feature a brilliant red color while others showcase an orange glow for an added effect.

Unlike the 🏮 Red Paper Lantern, the 🎑 Moon Viewing and the 🥮 Moon Cake emojis only claim the spotlight in the fall. The famous Moon Viewing event in Japan also goes by its translation, Tsukimi (月見). All platforms display a beautiful night sky with a small tower of Dango. The Japanese dumpling hails as one of the most common offerings during the said event. Meanwhile, mooncakes come with a wide variety of designs in real life. Because of this, the 🥮 Moon Cake emoji appears differently on almost all platforms. Aside from its pattern, some platforms display the pastry in different angles or with a portion sliced off.


Fall Holiday Emojis: 🦃 Turkey Emoji, 🎃 Jack-O-Lantern Emoji, and 💀 Skull Emoji

Turkey Emoji, Thanksgiving EmojiJack-O-Lantern Emoji, Pumpkin EmojiSkull Emoji, Day of the Dead Emoji

Like us, you probably encounter the 🦃 Turkey emoji and the 🎃 Jack-O-Lantern emoji every fall. During that time of the year, several countries celebrate Halloween or the Day of the Dead. Meanwhile, Americans celebrate all mentioned annual holidays along with Thanksgiving. Because of the mentioned occasions, we often see the related emojis during the middle of October and the first weeks of November.

The 🎃 Jack-O-Lantern Emoji and the 💀 Skull emoji often pop out on social media platforms together. The cause comes from the coinciding dates of commemorating Halloween and the Day of the Dead. Several platforms offer unique renditions of the grinning pumpkin carving. Some feature a lantern-like glow while others chose to stick with simple details. On the other hand, the animated skull does not offer the famous designs worn during the Day of the Dead. In truth, the emoji acts as an alternative as we wait for an actual Day of the Dead mask in emoji form.

If you live in the USA, you’re probably used to seeing the 🦃 Turkey Emoji in November. Despite representing a known bird, the Turkey icon usually symbolizes Thanksgiving when posted on messages and social media. When you check it out on different platforms, you can see the similar designs between all of them. They may differ in some details and colors but all show a turkey facing its left side.


Representing Fall Food and Drinks: 🥧 Pie Emoji and ☕ Hot Beverage Emoji

Pie EmojiHot Beverage Emoji, Coffee Emoji

Due to the various festivities in autumn, the 🥧 Pie emoji and the ☕ Hot Beverage emoji claim top rankings during the season. Each of these icons serves a versatile purpose because their design lets users come up with its contents. The closed pie and the steaming hot cup can represent almost any beloved pie and drink we enjoy in fall.

The original concept of the 🥧 Pie emoji supposedly lets people use it to symbolize any type of pie. However, other platforms opted to fashion their versions after certain famous pies. The designers of Google’s version chose to create their pie emoji to look like a slice of pumpkin pie. Meanwhile, Twitter’s pie icon features a slice of pie with red filling. It’s up to you if their rendition represents a rhubarb pie, a cherry pie, or other types of pastry with red-colored filling. If you hope to use a versatile design, we suggest you use the pie emojis from Apple, Facebook, Samsung, and JoyPixels. Despite their differences, the delicious-looking icon from these platforms lets you imagine whatever filling you want.

The ☕ Hot Beverage emoji features a steaming cup with dark-colored liquid. Its contents appear differently on all platforms. Because of this, a lot of people argue about what type of hot beverage it represents. Despite everyone’s disagreements, the ☕ Hot Beverage emoji remains as one of the popular icons used in all platforms. If you use it during fall, it may symbolize a steaming hot cup of hot chocolate or coffee. These drinks gain more popularity during the cold temperatures of autumn and winter. This explains why a lot of people use the famous emoji in social media posts during this time of the year.


Fall Harvest Emojis: 🍊 Tangerine Emoji and 🌰 Chestnut Emoji

Tangerine Emoji, Orange EmojiChestnut Emoji

Food enthusiasts can’t help but use the 🍊 Tangerine emoji and the 🌰 Chestnut emoji during autumn. Once fall starts, the food that these emojis represent comes into season. People can only enjoy the best state of tangerines and roasted chestnuts at this time of the year. Otherwise, the ones you buy from the store at different seasons can’t bring out the same flavors. Because of this, the emojis that represent these fall favorites gain fame during the season.

A lot of people call the 🍊 Tangerine emoji as the Orange emoji due to its appearance. In truth, tangerines belong to the citrus genus just like other types of oranges. If you search for it on different platforms, they all look the same. They may come in different shades of orange to maintain uniqueness. However, all platforms offer an orange fruit with a single leaf stem. The versions from Apple, Windows, and Samsung appear with a darker shade of orange. Meanwhile, Facebook, Twitter, and JoyPixels offer a brighter orange to their users.

When you look at it on all platforms, the 🌰 Chestnut emoji looks the same. There may be differences when it comes to shades and angles but the fall favorite only has one overall look. Some platforms attempted to stand out by shifting a few details. However, they have no choice but to fashion their renditions after one reddish-brown nut. The 🌰 Chestnut emoji symbolizes the roasted snack that we all enjoy during fall and winter.


Properly Using Autumn Aesthetic Emojis

Cozy Autumn Setup, Hot Chocolate, Fallen Leaves

Photo by Alisa Anton on Unsplash

To conclude our list of beloved fall emojis, we encourage you to keep in mind everything we described here. Remember to only use the emojis that you know of. Stick to composing an aesthetically pleasing combination of fall emojis. Avoid sparking debates about the representation of different emojis that are not part of your culture. Furthermore, we advise you to stick to celebrating events that you’re exposed to. With this, you can enjoy the different autumn emojis without worry.